Send us your sermon, and we'll send back your Social Media Clips

Your sermon is the most complex piece of content your church creates every week. We help you maximize the impact of you sermon by creating video clips that you can use through the week.

What’s it going to take?

Industry-standard editing software is $30+/month, a computer capable of efficiently editing video: $2,000 upfront, a part-time contract video editor starts at $1000/month, and most churches are relying on volunteers who can get sick, take vacations, or worse – get burnt out.

The DIY Solution can be up to $15,000 in the first 12 months.

Reach More People Using Social Media

People who are not already connected to your church are more likely to connect to your social media video clips than download your podcast or watch a service online.

Repurpose Content

You’ve put many hours into writing and presenting your sermon. Make what you’ve already created reach further by repurposing that video.

Encourage and Engage Your Members

Keep your sermon fresh in your members’ minds with clips through the week – not just an outreach tool, but an ongoing reminder of what your church learned on Sunday.

What's Included?

• 3 clips formatted for Facebook each week (up to 3 minutes) including caption files, and an animated logo for your church at the end.

• 3 square clips formatted for Instagram each week (up to 60 seconds each)

• 1 Vertical video clip formatted for IGTV

• 4 x 15-second vertical clips formatted for Instagram Stories each week


40 custom-edited videos of your sermons for $125/week ($497/month)

You Asked: We Answered.

How do you know which clips to use?

Each week, complete our client form that allows you to tell us the “time stamp” on the video of the clips you’d like.

You may let us know that your three clips are 2:00-5:00, 18:45-21:32 and 30:10-33:00 based on your video’s counter when you watch back.

You get to choose which 3-minute clips to highlight.

Is there a minimum contract?

There’s no minimum contract, and you can cancel anytime, but once you see the engagement you get on social media from video clips, you’ll want to keep that momentum going!

How will you get the sermon video?

There are 2 options: Upload your video to dropbox or vimeo.

When you complete our client form each week, you’ll put the video link with your timestamps in that form.

We edit and deliver in 720p. It’s more than sufficient for Social Media, and resonable enough for us to send and receive video.

Can we use a past sermon video, or does it have to be from this week?

We’re happy to use whichever sermon video you provide. Have a guest speaker coming? This week’s clips could be from the last time he or she spoke at your church as a promotional tool.

Have a sermon that is being continued? This week’s clips could be from the last time that series was presented.

Video = Social Media Engagement

Last time someone said “You have to see this,” and showed you their phone, it was probably a video.

Short video clips are the most engaging content on EVERY Social Media Platform across all demographics, ages, and locations. You send us your sermon video each week, let us know which portions to highlight, and we’ll send you video clips custom-edited for each social network.

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